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Ok, your website looks great but does not rank well on Google. You need help and you have done some research and Search Engine Optimization is what you need. However, you keep hearing about white hat and black hat seo and you start to wonder, how do you choose an ethical search engine optimization company? Ethical search engine optimization is the practice of using Google sanctioned practices to optimize your website so it is more relevant and more authoritative than other website for your topic. There are several ethical and non-ethical ways to do this and non-ethical practices will eventually get you penalized.

Relevancy: Having your website more closely matching a topic using keywords and phrases for that topic than other websites. Such as this post being highly relevant for ethical search engine optimization.

Authority: By having other authoritative pages link to your page, you become more authoritative. The more authoritative your site is, the more trusted it is and is more likely to rank higher.

Anchor Text: The clickable text on a page that links you to another page.

What determines ethical search engine optimization? Following Google’s webmaster guide and Google’s SEO guide is the best way to educate yourself on what Google expects. Then use that knowledge to compare that against search engine optimization companies to determine if they are ethical or not.

Other tips to finding ethical search engine optimization companies would consist of common sense practices you would use finding any consultant based service.

  • Ask for referrals.
  • Look at other work they have done. Looking to see if the site(s) are human readable and not simply stuffing keywords into the pages.
  • Search the companies name on Google and see if there is any bad press. Also try to take note of any other sites that mention this company or blogs that the company has participated in.
  • Do a search using and see if Google list pages from that site. If not, it might be banned by Google.
  • Look at their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and see what this company is saying and what others are saying about it.
  • If at any point you get an uneasy feeling, then move to the next seo consultant and research them. See Video for Toronto


SEO Process for Lawyers Explained

Tips On How To Do SEO For Lawyers In 2018

Search engine optimization or SEO is always changing and the strategies that worked in 2017 are no longer as effective in 2018. If your business relies on SEO to deliver leads, then you need to keep up with the changes so that you continue getting business. If you’re a lawyer and you want to get more SEO leads for yourself or your firm, then we will take a closer look at how you can do just that.

First of all, the lawyer niche is very competitive and you will need to make sure you’re targeting the correct keywords. After all, if you’re a lawyer in Naples, Florida, you should be targeting Naples and not Florida. You should look at your competitor’s websites and use tools such as SemRush to determine the main keywords they are targeting as well as which keywords are bringing the most traffic.

Once you have these keywords, you should use them on your own site. On-page optimization is even more important now than it was in the past and you need to make sure you don’t over optimize your site. You should only mention the main keyword only once in either the URL or title and then once or twice in the body. It is essential that you use a lot of synonyms and related words so that your site is more relevant and optimized for the topic.

Next, you will have to get high quality backlinks. As mentioned previously, the legal seo in the UK niche is quite competitive and as a result, you will need powerful backlinks in order to rank. The best backlinks to get are PBNs which are private blog networks. You can build your own PBNs by buying quality expired domains and building them out. Once you build them out, you can link to your main site. This takes a lot of time, effort and money and it may be better to purchase PBN links from a quality provider. You should avoid buying PBN links from popular services since the chances are high that these will be discovered by Google.  It is important that you get lots of different links from other sites besides PBNs. These include outreach links, blog links, social media links etc.

In closing, once you put in the SEO work as stated above, your rankings will improve over time. As a result, you will get more leads which will help increase your business as a lawyer.

How Law Firm SEO can help to improve the ranking of Melbourne business

If you have designed a website, still wondering how to get traffic towards it. It is important to get it on the first pages of search. SEO basically improves your website visibility. So it appears in search results. There are certain changes that can help you get that attention towards your website. People usually search with certain Keywords. So we have to make our website at par of all those google results, SEO Perth provides complete help in achieving it.

SEO law firm

These days every small big business is associated with the internet and it’s essential also, as people always GOOGLE before visiting, buying,….

Hence, hiring an SEO law firm is equally critical, it will keep that balance in your website and increase the ranking on google for your business in Melbourne. Check out their Facebook-SEO Melbourne

Google trends

Google makes us aware that how we have to use GO-To keyword. You have to check which keyword people are using the most. Even if they are using a phrase to mark their search, you have to redefine the same in your website. I can explain it with example let see if you are running a business of clothing. Winters are approaching you want to publicize your recent collection of socks. If you want to trigger the traffic to your direction, you have to check what is the most used keywords- Snow socks, winter socks, wool socks which one people are browsing more.


This tool shows you how a search engine views your website. It strips it down you the basic level, which does not include fronts, headers or images. It displays us only the relevant SEO information in your website. It will introduce you to the shortcoming you have when it comes to keywords and relevant information which would be caught by there search engines. In this tool, all you have to do is enter your URL

Screaming Frog

It provides the insight of how a SEO problem can depict what is wrong in your website. This tool crawls your site for dreadlocks and provides a report of problematic areas. The tool brings out all the broken links, even missing metadata, all the oversized files and pictures,  few duplicate pages and internal links.


This special tool tells us how fast our website load. Speed plays a vital role in search engine ranking. If any sluggish page is becoming a hindrance in the loading of your site. This specific tool double runs and checks the speed. It is easy to operate enter URL, you will get each page speed.

Rank checker

This tool foretells the ranking of your website lands in search engine results. This tool shows the true color of your site on is world wide web and provide tips to improve the same. It can be operated by installing a button on your toolbar, provide easy access to this information.

Responsive Design Test

Most important thing is that the maximum people viewing your website are doing this from there handsets. It’s essential to see and check how your site looks in a Smartphone. In order to make sure your website looks perfect and sharp on every device using responsive website design. It adapts every device so you don’t have a design or create multiple sites.

All the above tools are available with SEO Adelaide Law firm affirmative, but to have their help you have to hire them so that they can provide you with those amazing tools and flawless service. They will keep your website setting in one of the top rankings by refining it on periodic or necessary bases.

SEO provides a great deal of help to small business venture to get recognition through their services.


Should You Use an SEO Agency for Your Business?

The Internet has shaken the world by the core. People around the world are bringing it to use for all kinds of purposes ranging from professional to charity. It sets no limits to how many people you are reaching. This is why, those who are not linking their business to online platforms, might be lagging behind. One must be par with all the modern opportunities to survive in the current economy. People are creating websites daily to spread information about their brand and services. SEO agency is one such way to rank high on websites and here is why it will benefit your business.

Benefits Of SEO Agency For Your Business

They will optimize your website in a better way.

If you decide to have a website, you would want to be in the top rankings when someone searches online for services which are provided by you. SEO is a way to do that. It will cost you a lot because there would be so many websites competing with you regarding the same. Hiring an agency will help you provide experienced people who would know well how to bring your website to a good rank. You need qualified agencies and the increased competition has brought out expert digital marketing agency.SEO agency

It is going to enhance the visibility of your website.

By using a targeted audience, SEO will improve the visibility of your website. Not everyone is looking for your services and product, and thus, even if they come across your website they would not be interested in any purchasing. They would be only wasting their time on the website. But, SEO brings only those people to the website that have intent to make use of the services you are offering.

Website Management is crucial.

Don’t underestimate the attraction a good website brings. You might be good in your services and products, but if your website is dull and unattractive, people wouldn’t be interested in purchasing anything. They would only scroll over to the website which looks better. SEO agencies also make good use of related keywords. For example, if someone is looking at an article related to the service you are offering, clinking on few of the words would take them to your website directly.

They are affordable.

Unlike TV and radio advertisements, SEO agency is very cost effective. And people these days, live on the internet all the time. Thus, when you are starting up a business and don’t have big money, you can still invest in an SEO agency. This would help you reach millions of users which you wouldn’t be able to without being online.

Access to new SEO tools.

A good agency will remain updated with all kinds of new cutting-edge SEO tools that websites are using to beat the competition. When you are busy handling your business, you’ll have no time to play the needed game online. But SEO agency would be pro-active. They have the knowledge about different online market strategies that your company would need.